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Created in 2012, the jobs of the future concern people from 16 to 25 years old (30 years for the beneficiaries of a recognition "handicapped worker") little or not qualified. This long-term contract, including training activities, aims to facilitate the integration of young people into the labor market. In 2017, the DIRECCTE Normandy wanted to launch a major study at the regional level on the benefit of this system, both with employees and with employers.

A first survey was conducted by Crefor / Errefom and aimed to collect contributions and limitations of the device felt by young employees. Following on from this initial analysis, AFPA was commissioned to conduct the study with employers. The objective was to measure the overall satisfaction of employers and to better understand what aspects it covers. This inquiry includes, beyond the general satisfaction, the exploration of five themes

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September 3, 2018

that range from the reasons and conditions of recruitment of the AVEs to the follow-up at the end of the contract, including the question of the integration of the young person in his structure, his support during the contract and the implementation of the training . A specific zoom for employers of employees with disabilities was also made.