International exhibition of olive oil

bus poster of the oil exhibition

A product arrived in Europe in -6000av J.C, olive oil is the pride of the Mediterranean basin. And even if France produces a lot in Provence, it is very little compared to other countries such as Tunisia, Italy, Spain. But it is not counting on the Greeks who consume nearly 22L / year / hab. They are the ones who have continued the techniques of manufacturing this product which is becoming more and more popular with a more demanding demand. The logo, therefore, transmits a tribute to the product and its history, while evoking a new modern aspect that will communicate an enthusiasm to evolve and please a very wide audience.

Poster for bus shelters
120 x 176m

Here the difficulty was to design the communication of the show : make a very pronounced identity that should not spoil the pleasure of the event. Again, the border between the container and the content is thin. I imagined a prestigious salon for a quality product that is olive oil. Colors typified by the tree that is at the base of the production, the evocation of Provence, the scent of the Mediterranean ...