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I had to create the graphic charter of a new kind of object: a concept of raising an insignificant object to a tool that provides a real satisfaction and which one never separates. PurStraw is the first straw out of the ordinary. Classified in the category of everyday terciary objects, with reduced utility, the straw is considered derisory given its unique use.              Today there are 8.8 million straws consumed in France per day, for 1 billion worldwide. Daily hero and great adventurer,

Dear PurStraw, the researchers wanted to make the guaranteed access to drinking water possible by reducing the climate impact. So first of all I have a logo where the color, form and letter codes are mixed. Included in the silhouette of the folded straw, we find three letters present in the brand name (P, ST), combined with a strong identity by which the colors come from a cold chromatic range, light, symbolizing the water and the air. This offers a possibility of wide variation.              There are also advertising posters, a complete packaging, as well as a website with its derivative products.