Tristant et Iseut

The wedding of Rivalen King of Loonois and Blanchefleur sister of King Mark is celebrated at Tintagel. At the death of this one, Blanchefleur dies in his turn of sorrow by giving birth to a son, Tristan, who owes his name to this day of sadness. One day young Tristan is kidnapped by Norwegian merchants who abandon him in Cornwall. Collected at the court of King Mark, his skill and his musical talents earned him to be noticed by the king. Governor, in search of his pupil, goes to Cornwall. When King Mark learns that this boy is his sister's son, he decides to take him under his protection.

A revisited and modernized graphic that respects the timelessness of this story that has been through the ages since Joseph Bedier's 19th century restoration.

cover of Tristan & Iseut